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Demolition Breakfast for Three

Posted on Sep 1, 2010

If you’re anywhere near the Summit Campus…it’s impossible not to notice that demolition is under way at 435 and 422 Hawthorne, as well as Bechtel Hall. Demolition of Bechtel Hall will be completed by the end of October.

Over the next three years about 80 trees must be removed (these trees will be replaced with new trees in green spaces surrounding our new parking structure and pavilion).

Did you know that half of the trees being removed are gourmet snacks for the elephants at the Oakland Zoo?!

Approved trees we can donate to the zoo include: Coast Live Oak, Japanese Maple, Siberian Elm, Sweetgum (liquid amber) and Blackwood Acacia.

Thanks to Ellen Carroll, Marketing Manager, these diet-approved trees have all been identified for the zoo’s four resident elephants. Because of Ellen’s research, our construction company, DPR, is working directly with the Oakland Zoo to get the trees scheduled for pick-up and delivery to the zoo’s ‘ellies.’

During the initial phase of the Bechtel demolition, several trees were removed then picked up by Oakland Zoo Browser John Briggs and served as a tasty and nutritional elephant breakfast the following morning! Many thanks to Ellen, DPR Construction and the Oakland Zoo for making this ‘recycling’ program possible!