Temporary Closure of Merritt Garage Entrances

Posted on Jul 13, 2010

In preparation for demolition and construction of the new Patient Care Pavilion, new power lines have been installed and now we must switch over from current power sources to the new ones.

The first phase of this switchover will result in a four-hour closure of the Merritt Garage on Thursday night, beginning at midnight and ending at 4 a.m., Friday, July 16.

Access to and exit from the garage will be limited during this four hour window. Extra security officers will be posted at all current entrances to assist vehicles or pedestrians entering or exiting the building during the closure.

Evening shift and night shift employees will still park in the Merritt Garage on their regular shift. If you must get to your vehicle during this time, there will be an officer stationed at the G Level door, you can also contact Security at Ext. 7847. In addition to a security officer, a mini van will be available to drive staff (the mini van will be located at the G Level) to their vehicles.

Departments such as Emergency, Cardiac Cath and Surgery who may need emergent access to the facility can use the parking area across the street from the entrance to the Emergency Department. Please speak to your manager or the administrative nursing supervisor on duty if you are on call Thursday night.

Thank you for your patience.

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