Posts made in June, 2011

Tips on Reducing Heat Related Illnesses

Posted on Jun 29, 2011

Don’t give up!  The sun is back and with it, higher temperatues.  Picture of the sun

Enjoy the heat and the sunshine this holiday weekend and remember:

• Slow down. Avoid strenuous activity such as running, biking and lawn care work when it heats up. Confine strenuous activity or tasks to the coolest part of the day.
• Stay indoors and, if at all possible, stay in an air-conditioned place. If your home does not have air conditioning, go to the shopping mall or public library – even a few hours spent in air conditioning can help your body stay cooler when you go back into the heat.
• Electric fans may provide comfort, but when the temperature is in the high 90s, fans will not prevent heat-related illness. Taking a cool shower or bath, or moving to an air-conditioned place is a much better way to cool off.
• Dress for the heat: Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing that is loose fitting, sun glasses, a wide brim hat or an umbrella.
• If you have breathing problems, like asthma – especially on a ‘spare the air day,’ try to stay indoors. Air conditioning helps.

Tips for a Healthy Summer

Posted on Jun 27, 2011

Alta Bates Summit Medical Center wants you to enjoy a healthy happy summer. Our series of posts offer tips on how to avoid problems.

On Extremely Warm Days, Tips for Preventing Heat-Related Illness…

• Drink more fluids (nonalcoholic), regardless of your activity level and don’t wait until you’re thirsty. Drink two-four glasses of cool, non-alcoholic fluids every hour. Picture of a glass of water
• Don’t drink liquids that contain alcohol or large amounts of sugar. These actually cause you to lose more body fluid. Also, avoid very cold drinks because they can cause stomach cramps.
• Be sure to keep an eye on or check infants, young children and older neighbors or family members. They are especially susceptible to heat related illness.
• NEVER leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle.
• Make sure pets have access to water and shade.

Tips for Healthy Days of Summer

Posted on Jun 21, 2011

With the first day of summer and anticipation of the Fourth of July – Alta Bates Summit Medical Center wants to help keep you and your family well and active. Summer sun is finally a reality and vacation plans for a whopping 71.3 million Californians are materializing.  Picture of a thermometer

Every summer, emergency departments see a rise in the number of swimming, hiking, camping or driving accidents. These figures do not include visits or sick days for weekend warriors or the results of poorly refrigerated foods.

Alta Bates Summit doesn’t want to see your holiday and summer-time fun marred by something that could be avoided. Proper preparation for vacation, family picnic or simple day in the sun can ultimately help everyone. Whether avoiding the heat, using sun screens or keeping foods at the proper temperature – we’re here to help.

A series of posts on a variety of topics over the next month will help you stay healthy during the summer.

For further information, or to speak to an Alta Bates Summit physician on avoiding summer problems, please call 510-869-8220.

What a Difference a Year Makes!

Posted on Jun 20, 2011

A year ago on May 19, the City of Oakland gave us the OK to start rebuilding our campus, ensuring that we can meet the needs of our patients and employees with a seismically safe environment and a new parking garage that will make access easier for all. Demolition began on August 19, 2010.

Giant construction chomper tearing down Bechtel Hall

Much has happened in the last 12 months. We’ve redirected traffic, demolished buildings, held a ground breaking ceremony, fed elephants, dug pits into the earth, watched equipment and cranes come and go, placed about 1,963 pilings (ranging from 35 – 85 feet deep), poured concrete and are now preparing for the next phases in these two important projects.

View Photos Highlighting the First Year

During the next three months:

•You will see even more excavation at the pavilion site to make way to receive reinforcing steel and concrete as part of the Patient Care Pavilion’s foundation.
•Concrete trucks will deliver and pour foundations and walls for the garage and pavilion.
•And, in late July crews will position a 259-foot tower crane where the pavilion will be built to assist in completion of the foundation and begin construction of the structural steel for the 11-floor new building (with two additional floors below ground).
•Structural steel will begin in October.
•We will also install a new traffic light at the intersection of Telegraph and Hawthorne avenues.

The new seven-level parking structure will provide 1,080 parking stalls. Excavation, shoring walls and piers into the earth are complete, the foundation now has about 3,500 yards of concrete poured, with another 5,000 yards remaining. The tall, visible rebar cages are for the columns that will support the garage structure. Completion date for the parking structure is expected in 2012 and the Patient Care Pavilion will be finished in 2014.

Thank you to the hundreds of construction workers with DPR Construction and C. Overaa & Co., the Alta Bates Summit staff and Sutter Health representatives who have worked so hard to get us through this year. The best is yet to come!