Tele-Care Celebrates 45 Years of Lifesaving Relationships

Posted on Jun 9, 2015

women on phoneVolunteers Call Hundreds in Bay Area Each Day to Provide Caring Connection

On Thursday, June 11, Tele-Care volunteers, clients and members of the community will gather at the Scottish Rite Center in Oakland to celebrate 45 years of relationships made and nurtured over the telephone.

Every day, Tele-Care volunteers make hundreds of phone calls to members of the community who have signed up for this unique, free service. Check-in calls are made 365 days a year to more than 300 clients in Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco counties.

“Our clients depend on hearing from us and it’s proven to be a life-saving service in a number of instances,” says Sabra Learned, manager of the Tele-Care Program based at Sutter Health’s Alta Bates Summit Medical Center.

If a Tele-Care volunteer cannot reach the client, an alternate number is called. When the alternate is unavailable, emergency services are called.

“At least 25 times every year we find that one of our clients has fallen, had a stroke or heart attack and without this daily check-in and the ability to alert emergency services, they may not have survived,” Learned says.

Tele-Care has received national and local recognition and funding from groups such as: American Hospital Association, National Volunteer Awards, MacEachern Award, JC Penney Golden Rule Award for Alameda and Contra Costa counties and George H. Sandy Foundation.

The Tele-Care Program is a free community service of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center and available to residents of Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco counties. Anyone can enroll in Tele-Care. Call 510-204-4487.

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