Alta Bates Summit Classes Promote Parental Confidence and Communication With Your Baby

Posted on May 6, 2016

baby in handsYour baby is crying again, and you have no idea why. Most new parents have lamented once or twice that their new bundle of joy should come with an operating manual. When a baby is born early or complications develop which require specialized care, parents often experience a great deal of stress.

Fortunately, the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Berkeley offers a special program just for its graduates and their parents – a 4 week class on Infant Massage.

“We offer classes that are geared toward enhancing your ability to understand your baby’s special needs,” says Alison Brooks, R.N, MS, clinical nurse specialist. “By doing this, it also releases your stress. Everybody feels better when you’re better able to respond to your baby.”

Communicate your love through touch

infant massageResearch has shown the importance of touch in the parent-infant bonding process, but what if you could also reduce your baby’s fussiness and get him or her to sleep better?

Veera Sanjana, the certified instructor who leads Alta Bates Summit’s four-week Infant Massage class, says the class has a wealth of benefits parents may be unaware of until they have experienced them firsthand.

“In addition to massage, we teach new parents how to connect with their baby and things to watch for developmentally,” Sanjana says. “The biggest benefit parents are looking for is that infant massage reduces fussiness and also helps babies to sleep better. But parents also learn to tune into their baby better.”

Massage is a powerful bonding tool with benefits that go beyond infancy, according to Sanjana, who says that parents can continue to use massage to connect with their children as they grow.

infant massage 2

Veera Sanjana is a certified instructor who leads Alta Bates Summit’s four-week Infant Massage class.

“First-time parents don’t have a lot of experience and sometimes feel insecure, and I try to help them feel more confident. Infant massage helps parents communicate their love, and in return, babies can communicate to parents how to respond to their cues,” she says.



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