Special Recognition for Summit Emergency Department

Posted on May 21, 2012

The Summit Emergency Department (ED) of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center received Alameda County’s “Professional Partner” award recognizing the ED staff’s teamwork in administering life saving interventions to a cardiac arrest victim earlier this year. In honor of National Emergency Medical Services Week, very year, all Emergency Medical Services providers in the county submit an individual or team of individuals they deem worthy to receive one of Alameda County’s “Star” Awards.

Summit Emergency Department leaders will accept their award at the EMS Week 2012 Awards Banquet Luncheon on Wednesday, May 23, at the Sunol Valley Golf Club.

National Emergency Medical Services Week is celebrated from May 20-26. This week brings together local communities and medical personnel to publicize safety and honor the dedication of those who provide the day-to-day life saving on emergency medicine’s “front line.”

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics and first responders serve on the front lines of our health care and public health system.

Every year in Alameda County hundreds of people are victims of cardiac arrest and only 10 percent survive to be discharged from the hospital. Calling ‘9-1-1’ is almost always the fastest way to get lifesaving treatment. In Alameda County emergency responders are equipped with an electrocardiogram – transmitting life-saving information to the receiving Emergency Department while the EMT first responders in the ambulance are in verbal communication.

Alta Bates Summit’s two Emergency Departments treat more than 89,000 patients every year in their hour of greatest need. The majority of these patients received the initial portion of their often life saving care because they called 9-1-1.

As a designated cardiac receiving center, the Summit Emergency Department and their Cardiovascular Center for Excellence are prepared for immediate response. For example, the national average of door to balloon (from entrance in the ED to a heart saving procedure) is 90 minutes. Every Alta Bates Summit case is below this national threshold.

Congratulations to the Summit Emergency Department team for this important recognition. Your care and expertise saved this patient’s life and received the acknowledgement of our county Emergency Medical Service.

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